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Less energy consumption and recyclability is the development direction of the flexible packaging market

there are two categories of flexible packaging, stretch wrapping packaging and various bags. Stretch winding packaging is composed of plastic film that has not yet formed a packaging shape. It is to simply wind the film on one or more products to be packaged and fix it in place in some form. The plastic bag is made into a certain shape before or at the same time of the product. The most common is to heat seal the plastic edge to form this shape

at present, the flexible packaging made of aluminum foil, fiber, plastic film and wood plastic composites, which give full play to their advantages, is widely used. Seemingly inconspicuous flexible packaging is being presented on our mall shelves in a variety of styles and functions. The packaging market with metal and paper as the main materials is being invaded by flexible packaging bit by bit

China's flexible packaging industry has always attached great importance to quality and production efficiency, so it constitutes a fast and slow speed of oil cylinder. With the continuous rise of raw material costs in recent years, we also pay more attention to energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and other issues. Therefore, we should pay attention to strengthening technology to solve the problem of plastic film pollution. In order to make great progress in plastic flexible packaging, we must improve production technology and reduce the use of raw materials

in recent years, China's flexible packaging enterprises have closely followed the changes of market demand in the form of sliding friction, adjusted the product structure in time, tilted resources towards benefits, and achieved product differentiation and structural diversification. According to the advanced performance prediction provided by authoritative institutions, the global flexible packaging market will increase by 3.5% annually in the next five years, and the output value is expected to reach US $231 billion by 2018. As a major packaging country in the world, China must keep pace with the development of packaging industry

the market competition in the flexible packaging industry is increasingly fierce. If enterprises want to develop in the long run, they must improve production technology and achieve less energy consumption and recyclability. In order to ensure the stable development of the whole environment, different enterprises should try to use the same materials, separable and coexisting materials, and tend to use materials with simple structure and easy recycling

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