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Escort steady growth the national development and Reform Commission vigorously promotes three strategic transportation projects

escort steady growth the national development and Reform Commission vigorously promotes three strategic transportation projects

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on May 27, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "opinions on giving better play to the role of transportation support and leading economic and social development at present" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). The "opinions" has great significance for the next stage of transportation project reserves The projects in key areas, as well as the source of funds and financing mode are systematically described. The three national strategies of "the the Belt and Road", the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the Yangtze River Economic Belt will become the key areas of transportation investment in the next stage, and the transportation weaknesses in the central and western regions will be gradually supplemented in the future. At the same time, in terms of raising funds, the opinions put forward many ways, such as promoting the PPP model and establishing a transportation development fund

according to the opinions on completing measurement through force measuring sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems, the overall development situation and general direction of transportation in the future are: to promote coordinated regional development by accelerating the improvement of weaknesses, to guide the adjustment of economic structure by optimizing the layout, and to stabilize growth and investment by increasing investment

transportation investment has always been the "artifact" and "only way" for steady growth. From the project reserve and project investment mentioned in the opinions, we can see that the volume of transportation investment is huge in the future

according to the opinions, in the construction of the "the Belt and Road" transportation corridor. We will promote the construction of interconnected transportation infrastructure in China, Laos, Thailand, China, Mongolia, China, Russia, China, Pakistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Iraq, India and Vietnam. Build Sino Russian and Sino Kazakhstan oil and gas pipelines. Build a maritime silk road corridor that connects the comprehensive transportation channel internally and radiates the world externally. We will build ordinary national highways along the border and coastal areas around the mainland of China, study the construction of border railways, and study the cross sea channel projects of Qiongzhou Strait and Bohai Strait

in the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the construction of Beijing new airport will be accelerated, and supporting projects such as Beijing Bazhou railway and Beijing New Airport Rail Transit express will be promoted; Build the Beijing Tangshan intercity railway after the fracture of the sample, plan and study the Tianjin Shijiazhuang and Tianjin Chengde railways, and create a "Beijing Tianjin Hebei on track"

in terms of the transportation corridor of the Yangtze River economic belt, we will study the construction of high-speed railway along the river, the construction of Railways from Shangqiu to Hangzhou and Xuzhou to Yancheng through Hefei, and highways from Shangri La to Lijiang and Liupanshui to Weining (the boundary between Guizhou and Yunnan). Wuhan, Changsha, Chongqing and Guiyang airports will be expanded to build a new airport in Chengdu

in addition to the three strategies, the key areas of future transportation investment also include transportation projects in the central and western regions (including Northeast China) and the promotion and implementation of major new urbanization projects

the key in training is to adjust its proportion according to its toughness requirements; In terms of cultivating new growth points of transportation, the opinions put forward that in the future, urban rail transit will be rationally developed, suburban express rail will be encouraged, freight transportation will be studied and constructed, general aviation will be vigorously developed, urban parking lots will be accelerated, urban and external transportation will be optimized, transportation intellectualization will be comprehensively promoted, and transportation equipment will be transformed and upgraded

Zhao Jian, a professor at the school of economics and management of Beijing Jiaotong University, said that the fund-raising is a big problem for the government to launch such a huge transportation project in the future. In this regard, the opinions put forward that the financial problem will be solved by promoting the cooperation mode between the government and social capital (PPP) and improving the transportation development fund policy

Zhao Jian said that the effectiveness of the above financing model needs to be observed. From the financing situation of railway projects in recent years, although the State Council launched the Reform Opinions on railway investment and financing in 2013, in fact, the financing of railway construction in recent two years still mainly depends on loans and bond issuance

the opinions said that it would study relevant policies to further support the railway development fund. Specifically, we should study and reform the use of government special construction funds. For operational projects, direct users have no choice but to purchase expensive imported products. Instead, they should establish a transportation investment fund with social capital to reduce the investment risk of social capital, improve investment expectations, enlarge the effect of government investment, and give priority to national major projects. Study the establishment of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Transportation Development Fund to support regional transportation construction. All localities can learn from the practices of establishing the inter city railway investment coordination mechanism in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and the railway industry investment fund in Jiangxi Province, study and introduce preferential policies such as investment and land, encourage private capital to set up transportation industry investment funds, and invest in projects with clear asset interfaces such as Inter City railways. Allow qualified enterprises established by new projects to issue project income bonds, and support major transportation projects to issue perpetual bonds. Regulate and clean up charges in the field of transportation, and reduce the operating burden of transportation enterprises

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