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The development direction of Mechatronics

Mechatronics is a comprehensive technology that integrates computer technology, information technology, electronic technology and mechanical technology, so its development is inseparable from the development and progress of related technologies. Considering various factors, the development direction of electromechanical integration mainly includes the following directions:

1.1 developing towards intellectualization

intellectualization of products is a very important direction for the development of various industries in the 21st century, and electromechanical integration is no exception. The research of artificial intelligence is also valued by many researchers in electromechanical integration. Intellectualization here is a description of machine products. It refers to the integration of computer science, bioscience, mathematics, psychology and other related sciences on the basis of cybernetics, and the simulation of human thinking mode, so that machines can have the same judgment ability, logic ability and self decision-making ability as people, so that machines can have higher working ability

although mechatronics products cannot have the same intelligence as human beings, of course, this is not necessary, but it is completely necessary for efficient and high-speed products to have low intelligence or the intelligence of some owners

1.2 develop towards modularization

the modular development of Mechatronics is a very important and arduous work. Because there are many kinds of electromechanical integration production enterprises and related products, it is a very complex and necessary task to develop and manufacture electrical, mechanical and power devices with standard interfaces. For example, when developing equipment with speed regulation and deceleration functions, it is also necessary to inspect the power unit and the control unit with identification function and visual function. If there is a standard unit, it can quickly develop new products and expand the production scale of products. Therefore, it is very necessary to formulate the standards of various components. However, due to the conflict of interests between related enterprises, it is difficult to formulate corresponding international and national standards in recent time, but standards can be gradually formed by establishing some enterprises with strong strength

1.3 developing towards networking

in the 1990s, the most outstanding achievement in computer science was computer networking technology. The rapid development of network technology has brought great changes to many fields such as people's production and life, military science and technology, education and medical treatment. It can be said that network technology has been applied. The company's technical expertise in the field of materials has penetrated into all fields of people's life. The network connects the production and economy of the umbrella world into a whole, and the competition among enterprises has also begun to globalize.. A new mechatronics product, developed by shanlai, will soon be accepted by the people of the world as long as it has reliable quality and unique function. With the development of network technology, remote control began to flourish. Networking is also an important development direction of electromechanical integration products

1.4 develop towards systematization

the systematization of mechatronics products refers to the further modularization and openness of products, which means that the system can be flexibly combined and configured to realize the coordinated work and control of multiple subsystems. The second performance is that the enhancement of information function and the development trend of full-automatic control and automatic measurement of products to complete the experimental process in the future are to pay more attention to the relationship between people and machines. Because the end-user of mechatronics products is to make products have human intelligence and emotion, which is becoming more and more important, especially for household appliances. Another aspect is the imitation of living things. In fact, many products are developed by imitating animals

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