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Carton back processing: the development direction of carton machinery enterprises

focusing on the development of carton back processing equipment is the direction of carton machinery enterprises in the future. The production structure of cartons has been or is being adjusted to enter a new pattern of specialized division of labor and cooperative production. The newly established carton enterprises in Shanghai basically adopt the mode of purchasing cardboard and producing cartons in the next process after processing, with less investment, fast output, low cost and good benefits. The subsequent process of corrugated box is an important part of carton production. After solving the paperboard quality, the focus is on printing, slitting, bonding and die-cutting processes

from the development trend of carton industry in the new century, first, accelerate the development of medium and high-end cartons, focusing on the development of medium and high-end cartons with low gram weight, high strength and light weight; The second is to develop flexible printing, dot multicolor color printing, die cutting and molding cartons; Third, kraft linerboard transportation packaging is gradually replaced by white kraft linerboard color printing commodity packaging to realize the commercialization and serialization of internal and external packaging; Fourth, develop special-shaped cartons and fine corrugated (DE) corrugated cartons, which are beautiful, generous and lightweight after die cutting, so as to provide consumers with better wear resistance and functionality of shoes. Mastering the vulcanization characteristics of each batch and even every hour of rubber requires the rotor free vulcanizer to assist

products to achieve standardization, serialization, multi variety, multi base material and multi-purpose. This is the development trend and important goal of the carton industry during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period. To achieve the above goals, the technical equipment transformation of the carton industry is an important aspect. The passenger cars that will be provided to carton machinery and equipment enterprises have also begun to join the new energy layout opportunities. The corrugated board production line will be equipped with de single-sided machine and slitting computer thin blade separator. The following process equipment is equipped with high-speed, multi-function, multi-color, waste water cleaning printing slotting machine, flat pressing high-speed die-cutting machine or high-speed indentation machine, thin blade cutting indentation machine, high-grade printing surface veneering machine, automatic or semi-automatic bonding machine, laser computer engraving machine and flexographic processing equipment. In terms of management, we should speed up the informatization of computer network and the transformation of computer pattern design and proofing series. It will certainly promote the development of carton machinery and equipment

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