The development direction of gas chromatography GC

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The development direction of gas chromatography (GC)

* the degree of automation has been further improved, especially the EPC (electronic program pressure and flow control system) technology has been installed on the gas chromatograph of many manufacturers as the basic configuration (such as agilent6890, shimadzugc-2014gc-2010, varian3800, peautoxl, cemega8000, etc.), so as to provide the reproduction of the standard gb/t 22309 (2) 008 that the chromatographic strip meets Optimization and automation provide more reliable and perfect support

* special chromatographs that are more closely combined with applications, such as natural gas analyzers

* many functions of chromatographic instruments have been further developed and improved, such as large volume injection technology, and the injection volume of liquid samples can reach 500 μ L; The detector is also continuously improved, and the sensitivity is further improved; With the increasingly powerful workstation, the chromatographic sampling rate has been significantly increased, up to 200 Hz, which provides a guarantee for rapid chromatographic analysis

* the functions of the chromatographic workstation are increasing, and the communication mode keeps up with the pace of the times. Networking has been realized. Technically, there is no problem to realize the remote operation of the gas chromatograph (the sample has been placed in the automatic sampler)

* new selective detectors have been applied, such as AED, O-FID, SCD, PFPD, etc

2. Chromatographic column

* new highly selective stationary solutions have been continuously applied, such as chiral stationary solutions

* thin inner diameter capillary chromatographic columns are more and more widely used, mainly for rapid analysis, which greatly improves the analysis speed

* high temperature resistant capillary chromatographic column expands the application range of gas chromatography. The use size of pipe: width (15 ± 0.1) mm, development length (100 ± 1) mm alloy or aluminized quartz capillary, used for high temperature simulated distillation analysis to C120; For the analysis of polymer additives, antioxidant 1010 flowed out within 20 minutes, and a better peak shape was obtained

* new plot columns appear and have been used in some new ways

3、GC × GC (full two-dimensional gas chromatography)

g Portland cement, ordinary portland cement GB 175 ⑴ 999c × GC technology is a new gas chromatography technology that has appeared and developed rapidly in recent two years. The samples are separated on the first chromatographic column according to the boiling point. Through a modulation focusing device, the chromatographic effluent in each time period enters the second fine inner diameter fast chromatographic column after focusing, and then is separated again according to the polarity. The obtained chromatogram should be a three-dimensional map after processing. It is reported that tens of thousands of components were detected in aviation kerosene by using this technology

4. The development direction of gas chromatography in the future

with the continuous progress of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the environment, and environmental protection standards are increasingly strict, which requires gas chromatography, like other analytical methods, to develop in the direction of higher sensitivity, higher selectivity, more convenient and faster, and constantly introduce new methods to solve the new analytical problems encountered. The rapid development of network economy also provides a broader development space for the development of gas chromatography

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